Partner Welcome

Program Overview

ZyXEL's Partner Program provides solutions providers the tools and resources necessary to create and sell enterprise-class solutions scaled to meet the needs and budgets of the mid-market.

Access to the ZyXEL Partner Program is reserved only for value added resellers who employ a face-to-face sales and consulting model as their primary go-to-market strategy. Eligible resellers are those who sell networking and security products in North America and must have a purchasing relationship with an Authorized ZyXEL Distributor. Resellers who sell ZyXEL products online are not eligible to participate in this program.

Getting Started

Getting started is simple. Complete the online application form here. Within two business days, a ZyXEL Channel Manager will review your application and contact you with the status of your application. There's never been a better time to partner with ZyXEL!

If you have any questions about the ZyXEL Partner Program, please contact the Program Support Team at (800)255-4101 and press menu option 4; or send an e-mail to

NOTE: The authorized ZyXEL Partner Program is subject to cancellation or modification at any time by ZyXEL and at ZyXEL’s discretion, including but not limited to informal notification or publication of a revised program. It may also be subject to additional information or terms and conditions contained on a different web site maintained by ZyXEL.